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Ultimate Guide: How to Change the Shop Page in WooCommerce

Alright, Hueston partners, you’ve successfully shared access and checked in with the Mission Control Team. It’s time to buckle up for the next phase of your ecommerce journey. As we prepare for lift-off, let’s focus on customizing your online storefront to match the stellar expectations of your customers. Changing the shop page in WooCommerce isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a universe where your products shine brightest.

Whether you’re aiming to tweak the layout, adjust product display settings, or inject some of your brand’s unique personality, mastering the art of modifying your WooCommerce shop page is crucial. It’s your digital display window, and making it captivating is key to attracting and retaining customers. Let’s navigate through the cosmos of customization options together, ensuring your online store stands out in the vast ecommerce galaxy.

What is the shop page in WooCommerce?

When you’re navigating the vast universe of WooCommerce, the shop page acts as your main storefront, a crucial point in your ecommerce space journey where all your products are displayed. Think of it as the central hub in your online galaxy, where customers can land, explore, and discover everything you have to offer.

By default, WooCommerce creates this shop page for you, automatically listing your products in a simple, yet effective layout. However, the magic really happens when you begin to tailor this space to fit your brand’s unique style and ethos. Customizing the shop page is like choosing the design of your spacecraft; it needs to be functional, appealing, and capable of taking your customers on a smooth journey through your product universe.

To modify the shop page, you’ll navigate through settings, utilize themes, and perhaps even dive into some coding. But fear not, for the adventure through customization is well worth the stellar experience you’ll create for your visitors.

Remember, your shop page is more than just a list of products. It’s your first impression, the greeting your customers receive when they step into your world. Ensuring it’s finely tuned to represent your brand and effectively showcase your products is pivotal. With careful customization, you’ll not only attract but also retain a galaxy of customers, eager to explore what your ecommerce universe has to offer.

Upon customizing your WooCommerce shop page, it’s like signaling to the universe that your online store is not just another dot in the ecommerce cosmos but a thriving planet teeming with life, offers, and opportunities. So as you journey through the settings and options available, remember that each adjustment brings you closer to the ecommerce experience you’ve always dreamed of.

For Hueston partners, this exploration doesn’t have to be a solo mission. Once you’ve adjusted your shop page settings to ensure they’re perfectly aligned with your brand’s mission, reach out to the Mission Control Team. Together, we’ll review your shop’s readiness for launch, ensuring that each product is set to shine and captivate customers upon arrival. Embarking on this journey with your site’s customization completes, we’re here to support your ascent into the ecommerce stratosphere.

Changing the shop page layout

Creating a stellar shop page in WooCommerce can feel like navigating through a galaxy full of possibilities. It’s important to find your bearings and steer your eCommerce ship in the right direction. Let’s explore how you can change the shop page layout to make your online storefront truly out of this world.

Modifying the Shop Page Template

Customization gives you the power to tweak the shop page to your heart’s content. Start by diving into the WooCommerce templates. Here’s your step-by-step guide to modifying the shop page template:

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display.
  • Find the Shop Page display options.
  • Choose a default template or select ‘Custom’ to start from scratch.

Remember, this is your mission control panel for the shop page. Experiment with different layouts and structures until you find the perfect fit. It’s like adjusting the thrusters of your spacecraft; tiny adjustments can lead to a smoother journey for your customers.

Using a Page Builder Plugin

If coding isn’t in your mission scope, page builder plugins are your allies. These tools allow you to customize your shop page with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Some popular options include:

  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Visual Composer

With these plugins, you can layout your shop page in a way that highlights your products in the best light. Think of it as designing your spacecraft’s interior; it’s all about creating an inviting and functional space for your travelers.

Customizing the CSS Code

For those who prefer to have direct control over the shop page’s appearance, customizing the CSS is like fine-tuning your spaceship’s engine. This approach requires a basic understanding of CSS. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Access your site’s style.css file via FTP or through your WordPress theme editor.
  • Add custom CSS code to target WooCommerce shop page elements.

By customizing the CSS, you can adjust the colors, fonts, and layout of your shop page, ensuring it aligns with your brand’s universe. This level of customization is akin to painting your spacecraft in vibrant colors and equipping it with the latest technology.

Changing your WooCommerce shop page layout is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that enhances the shopping experience. It’s about building a spaceship that’s not only appealing but also efficient in navigating the vast eCommerce cosmos. By tailoring your shop page, you signal to the universe that your online store is not just another space rock, but a thriving market full of unique finds and galactic deals.

Remember, the universe of eCommerce is always expanding, and your shop page is the launchpad for your customers’ journeys. Keep exploring, keep customizing, and most importantly, keep aiming for the stars.

Changing the shop page content

In the vast ecommerce universe, customizing your shop page content in WooCommerce is akin to charting a course through the stars. It’s essential for guiding your customers to their desired destinations—your products. Let’s explore how you can modify the product galaxies on your shop page to better align with your mission objectives.

Adding or Removing Product Categories

Product categories are like constellations, guiding your customers through your store. To add or remove product categories:

  • Navigate to Products > Categories in your WordPress dashboard.
  • To add a new category, enter the Name, Slug, and Description. Choose “Add new category” to finalize.
  • To remove a category, hover over it and select “Delete”. Remember, this doesn’t delete the products within it, just the category.

Refreshing your categories keeps your shop page organized and helps customers find what they’re seeking, like a beacon in the night sky.

Changing the Number of Products Displayed

The quantity of products on your shop page influences customer experience as much as the speed of light impacts space travel. Adjusting this can optimize navigation and load times. To change the number of products displayed:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products tab.
  • Click on Customize, then WooCommerce.
  • Choose Product Catalog, and adjust “Products per row” and “Rows per page” to your desired count.

Adjusting the product display settings ensures customers don’t get lost in space, making their journey through your online universe a seamless one.

Customizing the Product Sorting Options

Control over product sorting options is like having a gravitational pull on your customers’ journey. Here’s how to customize it:

  • Still under WooCommerce > Settings > Products, select the Display tab.
  • Modify the “Default Product Sorting” option to organize products by popularity, average rating, newness, or price.

Custom sorting options allow shoppers to navigate your galaxy of products more efficiently, making their experience stellar.

By making these adjustments, you’re not just organizing products; you’re creating a universe where customers love to explore. Each tweak enhances their journey, encouraging them to return to your world of products time and again. Remember, in the vast ecommerce space, a well-organized shop page is your best asset in attracting and retaining explorers. Keep your online store thriving with well-crafted constellations of products, and watch as your ecommerce empire expands across the digital universe.

Changing the shop page design

In the vast ecommerce universe, setting your WooCommerce shop page apart from countless others is akin to marking your territory in space; it’s essential. Within the cosmos of web design, even the smallest tweaks can lead to significant improvements in customer experience and sales.

Modifying the Shop Page Header

Your shop page header is like the control panel of your spacecraft; it’s the first thing users interact with. Here’s how to make it stand out:

  • Implement a unique logo that encapsulates your brand’s identity.
  • Use a custom header image or slider to showcase your best deals or featured products.
  • Introduce navigation shortcuts to frequently visited categories or sections for quicker access, enhancing user journey efficiency.

Remember, a well-designed header can function as a beacon, guiding travelers through the depths of space—or in your case, directing customers through your product range.

Customizing the Shop Page Sidebar

The sidebar is your spacecraft’s storage unit; it’s essential for organization and accessibility. Transforming this space can drastically enhance your shop’s usability:

  • Introduce category filters to help customers navigate through your products as if they’re traversing through galaxies, smoothly and with purpose.
  • Add a search bar or product filter to allow for swift, targeted expedition to desired product destinations.
  • Consider dynamic content in the sidebar like best-sellers or new arrivals to spark interest and keep your offerings feeling fresh and exciting.

Streamlining your sidebar not only aids in navigation but also in elevating the overall shopping experience.

Adjusting the Shop Page Colors and Fonts

Just as the choice of materials and colors can affect a spacecraft’s visibility and aura in the cosmos, so too can the choice of colors and fonts impact your shop page’s appeal:

  • Select a color scheme that resonates with your brand and enhances product display without overwhelming the sensory experience.
  • Choose fonts that are not only in line with your brand’s identity but also ensure readability across devices—think of it as making sure your signals are received loud and clear across space.

By carefully selecting these visual elements, you not only ensure that your shop page is aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the clarity and navigability of your online store.

In the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, taking the time to refine your shop page design is akin to tuning your spacecraft for optimal performance. Ensuring that every element, from the header down to the fonts and colors, is meticulously designed, blasts your online store into new orbits of customer engagement and sales. With these modifications, your WooCommerce shop becomes not just a store, but a launchpad for discovery and adventure.


Unlocking the full potential of your WooCommerce shop page is akin to setting the coordinates for a successful journey through the ecommerce cosmos. By tailoring the layout, header, sidebar, and even the colors and fonts, you’re not just sprucing up the space. You’re crafting an inviting universe where your products don’t just exist; they thrive and beckon to customers. Remember, the journey doesn’t end with customization. It’s about continuously exploring new frontiers and making adjustments that align with your brand’s mission. Your shop page is the launching pad for your products, and with the right tweaks, you’ll ensure they soar, captivating customers and boosting your online presence. So gear up, review your shop’s readiness, and prepare for a smooth takeoff into the vast possibilities of ecommerce success.

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