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Dedicated WordPress hosting

Superior managed WordPress hosting you can count on

Dedicated cloud servers optimized for WordPress

Advanced security and blazing-fast loading speeds ​

Fully managed expert support & FREE Migrations

Free Migrations!

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A digital foundation that’s safe, swift, secure, and fully managed

Not all hosting is created equal, and if you’re not careful, your website could be suffering. As WordPress experts, we’ve created a dedicated managed WordPress system that empowers your website to soar. Why trust your business with anything less?

Partner Program Overview

Fully dedicated, fully managed WordPress hosting

Say goodbye to outages, vulnerabilities, and poor performance with Hueston’s industry-leading dedicated WordPress hosting. We’ve packaged up all the best Managed WordPress hosting features into simple plans that are affordable and effective.

Dedicated Servers for Every Website.

Dedicated CPU, memory and IP, so you’re never impacted by other websites or shared resources.

Elite Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Dynamic malware defense with optimized rules and blocklists for enterprise-level security.

Worldwide Data Centers, CDN & Static Caching

Handle 10x more site visitors with 18 data centers & 121-point CDN that deliver your website blazing-fast, worldwide.

Free SSL Certificates and Live Analytics

Let's Encrypt certificates included automatically, and your sites' live stats all in one easy place.

Daily Backups With On-Demand Restore

Daily backups with 30 days storage, plus optional hourly backup package for the most demanding websites.

VIP Managed WP Hosting Support

Priority managed WordPress hosting support 24/7/365 for help with any WordPress issue.

We’ll buy out your existing hosting and migrate your sites FREE.

You heard that right - we'll give you up to $1,000 per site of 'launch money' to buy out any existing hosting contract. We'll also migrate your sites for FREE, which means no work for you, no hidden costs, no contracts, no downtime, and no worries - It's never been easier to win on the web with Hueston.


Put your website on the map.

With 18 data centers worldwide and a 100+point CDN, your website will soar through the cosmos to reach your visitors.

You deserve the right WordPress management partner

See why hundreds of businesses trust Hueston as their website wingman.

Your All-In-One Web Partner

We are not just another vendor - we're a trusted all-in-one partner specializing in web so you don't have to.

No More Website Worries

Have peace of mind knowing our expert WordPress team is proactively managing your most valuable digital asset.

Focus on What Matters Most

Protect your time, focus and budget by offloading fuel-burning website hosting and maintenance from your to-do list.

Get your hosting & Care Plan FREE.

Hueston partners get a free Care Plan for their organization, exclusive discounts for their clients, and commission for every referral ... it’s a win-win-win.

Worry-Free, Guaranteed

It’s never been easier to blast-off with Hueston.

We’re so confident you’ll love Hueston that we’ve made it as easy as pie to get started.

Excellent 4.4

We’ll buyout your hosting

You heard that right! We’ll buyout your existing contract, so there’s nothing standing in your way.

We’ll migrate your site(s) free

Submit your current hosting info and sit back while we migrate your site to Hueston worry-free.

We’ll never lock you in

No long term contracts, pay month to month and upgrade/downgrade or cancel anytime.

EOS Implementer
So Easy...

Heuston has made my site so easy to deal with. Everything is faster, easier, and more reliable.

Oak & Iron Salon
Couldn't be happier!

We never have to worry about our website thanks to this amazing company! Great communication, professional, quick turnaround.

Sonrays Ministries
Beyond pleased by every aspect

Everything was seamless, and whenever we had any questions, there were answers. We never had to worry about our website as we knew it was in great hands!

Great Team, Exceptional Service

This team top down is great! From communication, skills and creativity, these guys have it all.

Eagles Wings
Amazing Service with Consistency that's Reliable!

Hueston is by far the best web service company we have ever had! Their team is super reliable and they genuinely care about serving you well!

Highly Recommend

The team at Hueston has truly exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service and support.

Level10 CFO

"I have confidence that my website is up when customers need it."

A very high standard of production & creativity

"We were impressed with their enthusiasm for their work and knowledge of current design and web development trends."

Continual push for progress

"They tackled the problem with nuance and data driven decisions."

Always go the extra mile

"Having worked with them for more than four years, I can tell you, they always go the extra mile."


"I would not feel anywhere near as comfortable with the future of HoliMont as I do working with them."

ODL Orthodontics
Consistently go above and beyond!

“They consistently go above and beyond in both the big and the small things... and it doesn’t hurt that they’re awesome people to work with. "

Get FREE hosting with any Website Care Plan

Or choose hosting-only if you prefer flying solo.

Standard Hosting

RAM vCPU Bandwidth Storage Price
RAM 512mb
vCPU 1
Bandwidth 5TB
Storage 10GB
Price $8/MO
vCPU 1
Bandwidth 10TB
Storage 25GB
Price $24/MO
vCPU 2
Bandwidth 25TB
Storage 65GB
Price $60/MO
vCPU 4
Bandwidth 100TB
Storage 160GB
Price $120/MO
vCPU 6
Bandwidth 200TB
Storage 320GB
Price $240/MO
vCPU 8
Bandwidth 250TB
Storage 640GB
Price $500/MO
vCPU 16
Bandwidth 300TB
Storage 11280GB
Price $1000/MO
vCPU 24
Bandwidth 350TB
Storage 1600TB
Price $1600/MO

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Hueston is your website wingman - don’t fly solo!

Hosting is just one part of a well-managed website.Our website care plans have you covered A-Z with hosting, development, maintenance, compliance, security, optimization and more, from one partner, so you never have to worry about your website again.

Managed WordPress Hosting FAQ

Dedicated WordPress hosting is like having your own VIP spaceship to orbit above the crowded world-wide-web. Your website has its own space, fuel and resources, which means it runs faster, stays safer, and can handle a lot more visitors without breaking a sweat.

On the contrary, shared hosting is like a crowded airplane – you’ve got one measly seat amongst dozens of other web travelers. Everyone is breathing the same air, using the same fuel, traveling at the same speed, and one security threat can affect the entire flight.

Dedicated hosting is more costly, but it’s the best solution, and can be a game-changer for serious website owners. We take pride in offering nothing less than the best to every website we manage. To learn more, check out this article.

Fully managed hosting with at Hueston means effortless website management for you. Sign up and leave the technicalities to us. We’ll smoothly migrate your existing site for free or help you build a new one with a relevant website Care Plan scope. Just point your site to our servers and connect any services you need – we’ll handle the rest, including all of your base level ongoing maintenance, ensuring your hosting is seamless and stress-free.

Yes, that’s not a typo- you heard right! We’ll buyout your existing hosting contract, and our experts will move your site over to our platform for FREE in record time, carefully testing to ensure everything stays in tact. There is then zero downtime during the transfer process, as we simply help you point your domain’s DNS records from the old server to Hueston, which is completely seamless. We’re a big fan of triple-wins over here. Reach out to us to get your migration started today!

First, we started off with giving your website the dedicated resources it deserves to perform optimally. We optimize your hosting to the max with tailored server-level tweaks for peak performance, including app-specific enhancements, nifty platform features, optimization, security, and PHP versatility. Plus, our worldwide data centers and 121-point CDN ensure your WordPress site is speedy for users across the global.

You sure can! We have several partner programs available making it worth your while to choose Hueston as your web partner. Checkout our agency partnership for the full scoop.