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Hueston Acquires Atlas-Integrated: The Full Scoop

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A Game-Changer for WordPress Management and Community Empowerment

Hey there! We have some big news to share: Hueston, your go-to all-in-one WordPress management partner, has just acquired Atlas-Integrated – a marketing agency and software company with a portfolio of WordPress clients. It’s an exciting time for both companies and, more importantly, for the communities and clients we serve. Let’s dive into what this means and why it’s such a win-win situation!

Meet the New Family: Hueston and Atlas-Integrated

First things first, let’s talk about who’s who. Hueston, known for its superb all-in-one WordPress management system, is all about making your digital life easier, and helping you win on the web. If you didn’t already know by our website – we’re the folks that can free you from the website woes, and empower you to succeed online with our all-star team, proven system and no-worries approach. As a leader in WordPress management solutions, our all-in-one speciality simplifies website management for businesses, making way for new frontiers of focus and growth.

On the other hand, Atlas-Integrated from Boulder, CO has been a shining star in empowering communities through their marketing and software services. They’ve provided stellar data solutions and their renowned AtlasIQ product suite, and have been instrumental in driving community growth and development in their unique market. But here’s the twist – Atlas-Integrated has closed its doors, and all their contracts are being transferred to us at Hueston. It’s the end of an era for them, but the beginning of something amazing for us all.

Why Hueston and Atlas-Integrated are a Match Made in Digital Heaven

This isn’t just any acquisition; It’s a strategic move designed to enhance the services offered to Atlas’ clients to couple Hueston’s WordPress expertise, and bring together the best of both worlds. We at Hueston saw an opportunity to expand our horizons and bring Atlas-Integrated’s clients under our wing. Why? Because we believe in providing top-notch WordPress management, and we know we can take Atlas’ clients to new heights with our expertise, and in turn, better empower and serve the communities they operate in.

Empowering Communities: The Shared Vision

At the heart of this acquisition is a shared vision between Hueston and Atlas-Integrated: to serve and empower organizations and communities across America. Hueston’s expertise in WordPress management, combined with Atlas’ understanding of community needs and data-driven solutions, creates a powerful force for positive impact. The focus remains steadfast on empowering organizations to win on the web, by providing communities with the digital foundation necessary to enhance engagement and facilitate growth with a website that performs on their behalf.

Keeping AtlasIQ Product Suite Alive and Kicking

We’re not just taking over; we’re taking care. The AtlasIQ product suite, Atlas-Integrated’s proprietary data-driven community engagement software isn’t going anywhere… In fact, we at Hueston plan to not only support but also improve this flagship product. We’re talking about a refresh the AtlasIQ interface & codebase, a more user-friendly experience, and seamless integration with Hueston’s WordPress management platform. AtlasIQ has been key in empowering communities across America, and we’re here to ensure that continues. This integration signifies a leap forward in providing comprehensive digital solutions that empower economic development organizations, chamber of commerces and their communities.

What This Means for Atlas-Integrated’s Clients

If you’re an Atlas-Integrated client, welcome to the Hueston family! You’re in good hands. Our all-in-one WordPress management system is designed to handle everything – hosting, development, security, compliance, maintenance, performance…you name it. And the best part? Our all-star Mission Control Team is here to make sure the transition is as smooth as silk.

The Future Looks Bright

With this acquisition, Hueston is blasting forth into new frontiers. Clients of Atlas-Integrated can expect a seamless transition, with the added benefits of Hueston’s exceptional WordPress management services. Moreover, the continuous development and enhancement of AtlasIQ under Hueston’s stewardship will ensure that communities across America have access to the best tools and resources to thrive in the digital age.

This is more than an acquisition; it’s a fusion of talent, technology, and a shared vision of empowering communities and individuals through outstanding digital solutions. For Hueston, it’s an opportunity to grow and diversify, and for Atlas-Integrated’s clients, it’s a chance to experience the best in WordPress management.

So, here’s to new beginnings! We’re excited to to take loving care of Atlas-Integrated’s clients as well as the AtlasIQ product suite in a new journey. As we move forward together, the possibilities are endless for creating more connected, engaged, and thriving communities through innovative digital solutions. Stay tuned to witness how this partnership reshapes the landscape of community development and WordPress management.

Cheers to new adventures and unstoppable growth! 🚀

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