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AtlasIQ by Hueston

Showcase your community’s best assets with AtlasIQ

BusinessIQ - Comprehensive Property & Location Data

WorkforceIQ - Community Workforce Insights

TalentIQ - Higher Education Stats & Connections

An all-in-one platform that transforms the way people understand and interact with your community

AtlasIQ is an Industry-first, comprehensive property, workforce, and demographic data aggregator and search platform that’s made up of three tools to showcase your community’s best assets in an engaging application.
Showcase your community’s available properties

Business IQ is a tool that uses Esri data and ArcGIS mapping platform to display comprehensive property and community data for site selectors, commercial real estate brokers, and prospective companies looking to make intelligent location decisions. It is comprised of data visualization sets and aesthetically strong infographics that help tell a community’s story and allows users access to up to 46 different Esri reports of a client’s choosing.

Tell the story of your community’s workforce

Workforce IQ is a data visualization platform that tells a community’s workforce story through comprehensive data and infographics. Powered by Chmura’s JobsEQ SaaS tool, Workforce IQ serves up detailed data around critical workforce attributes: total labor force and employment, jobs by occupation and industry, percentage of college graduates, and more. Workforce IQ is also equipped with a storytelling panel where users can obtain a deeper understanding of a community through text, imagery, and videos.

Illuminate your community’s best talent
TalentIQ provides comprehensive data visualization and information about a community’s potential workforce through higher education data. Through this tool, you can connect existing and prospective companies with their future talent, or focus on workforce development initiatives that help people further develop and refine their skills.

Your community deserves to be shown in it’s best light.

From sites and buildings to workforce, talent, videos and success stories – AtlasIQ helps to market, promote, and sell the value of your community to prospective businesses and talent looking for their next home.
Created for Economic Development

AtlasIQ was created from the ground up to serve the needs of economic development organizations.

Engaging Data Visualization

Showcase granular data and engaging insights compatible with almost any Wordpress site.

Information That Drives Action

Empower community stakeholders and individuals with the info they need to take action in your community.

Worry-Free, Guaranteed

It’s never been easier to blast-off with AtlasIQ.

We’re so confident you’ll love AtlasIQ by Hueston that we’ve made it simple and easy to get started.

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ESRI is a company that specializes in making advanced mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), and ArcGIS is one of their main products. Think of ArcGIS as a sophisticated tool that allows users to create, manage, and analyze maps and spatial data. With ArcGIS, users can layer different types of information on a single map, such as traffic patterns, environmental data, and urban infrastructure. This makes it possible to visualize complex data in an accessible way, helping people make informed decisions based on geographic information. For instance, city planners might use ArcGIS to determine the best locations for new parks or to analyze traffic flow to improve road networks. Environmental scientists could use it to track changes in land use or to model the impacts of climate change on specific regions. In essence, ESRI and ArcGIS provide powerful platforms for managing and interpreting spatial data, offering insights into a wide range of real-world challenges through the lens of geography. It’s a bit like having a multi-layered, interactive map that can help solve problems and plan for the future. At Hueston, we’ve partnered with Esri to help drive our AtlasIQ software, enabling the power of this nationally recognized data source to integrate with our software tools that enable growth for economic development organizations nationwide.

Economic development organizations play a role, in fostering community growth. By leveraging ESRI/GIS data they can uncover insights to drive development and improve community well being. The AtlasIQ platform by Hueston breathes life into this data simplifying the process for these organizations to make contributions.

The Power of ESRI/GIS Data
This data acts as a map revealing not locations but also patterns, trends and opportunities. It enables organizations to;

  • Identify Growth Areas; Discover regions with potential for development or in need of investment.
  • Make Informed Choices; Base decisions on data directing efforts where they can have the impact.
  • Allocate Resources Effectively; Identify areas requiring assistance within the community and plan accordingly.
  • Attract Investment; Showcase the areas prospects through maps and statistics to attract businesses and investors.

AtlasIQ; Your Data Hero
Hueston’s AtlasIQ transforms ESRI/GIS data into a tool that is readily accessible, on your website. Here’s how it revolutionizes the landscape;

  1. User Friendly Data; AtlasIQ simplifies data comprehension making it easier for everyone to grasp the information.
  2. Strategize, with Accuracy; Armed with insights planning for the future becomes effortless.
  3. Connect with Your Community; An interactive tool encourages exploration. Generates excitement about developments.
  4. Enhance Collaboration; With data cooperation towards shared objectives becomes smoother for all involved.

Driving Community Prosperity
Through AtlasIQ economic development organizations can utilize data to guide growth that’s intelligent, sustainable and inclusive. This tool not presents data. Also illuminates pathways to a flourishing future serving as a robust resource for planning and advancement.

Fundamentally, AtlasIQ by Hueston transforms ESRI/GIS data into an advantage empowering organizations to foster growth and vitality, within their communities. It revolves around making informed and impactful choices using a tool that’s both potent and user friendly.

AtlasIQ from Hueston provides a mix of simplicity, engagement and strategic insight that sets it apart from platforms, like ZoomProspector and GIS Planning. Here’s why AtlasIQ is a game changer:

  1. Simplified Data Presentation: AtlasIQ is crafted to convert ESRI/GIS data into a simple to use interface that anyone be it investors or community members can grasp and utilize without technical expertise.
  2. Seamless Integration: Unlike similar tools, AtlasIQ smoothly blends with your current website design maintaining your brands identity. This ensures an enticing interaction for visitors to have a positive, on-brand experience.
  3. Insightful Analytics: Beyond visualizing data, AtlasIQ offers real world analytics that aid economic development organizations in offering viable solutions for local businesses. It doesn’t stop at presenting data; it aims to provide insights for decision making.
  4. Engaging Community: AtlasIQ places importance on user engagement to make exploring data a positive experience. This strategy helps generate interest and involvement within communities for development projects, or talent relocation.

In essence, AtlasIQ distinguishes itself by offering users an insightful and integrated solution that boosts both planning and community participation. It’s more than a tool; it serves our mission at Hueston to be your all-in-one web partner, helping to drive growth and community progress for economic development organizations nationwide.